Surprise! WHAT new music by The Warlocks! Only 300 copies on vinyl! Huh what? Yes True Grab it NOW! Link Below..THE WARLOCKS RETURN WITH “MEAN MACHINE MUSIC”, THEIR FIRST STUDIO ALBUM IN 3 YEARS! 

Los Angeles, CA – The mighty Warlocks return on May 31st to melt minds with their own unique brand of dark psychedelia, served as only these purveyors of fine fuzz can offer. But let’s hear about what we have here, straight from the source! 

The brave beware! This is no ordinary record by The Warlocks. It’s an experiment. We were inspired to do a heavy Stereolab, Neu, Death-Rock, Krautrock thing but struggled to get the drums and everything to sound good. After too much tweaking from start to finish (hence “Mean Machine Music”) we finally managed to finish the recording with our engineer Phillip Haut (Ariel Pink, Centimeters, Fancy Space People). I’ve always been proud the fact that for the most part we can try new things and get something out of it. We got shit for doing Doo-Wop type stuff which ended up on Surgery. We got shit for the discombobulated Heavy Deavy Skull Lover. Looking back that stuff still stands up! You choose and judge for yourself dear listener! There are def some nuggets in here like “Disfigured Figure” – super weird. It's a curiosity that I had to wrestle with leaving on my computer or put it out. The fine folks at Cleopatra say “it’s good” and to “release it!” and so it is. Enjoy! – Bobby Hecksher / The Warlocks – Feb 2019.

The Warlocks Texas Run Next Week 

It feels really weird promoting yet alone doing these shows in Texas with so much going on in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's devastation. We spoke to White Oak and the rest of the clubs and they assured us they DO want us to come. We've decided donate a portion of our ticket sales for this TEXAS run & band camp sales this month and next to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Much love to our fellow Texan brothers and sisters

Also The Warlocks play Growlers 6 Oct 28th More on that later but here is the ticket link 

Up Next: The Warlocks Texas Run In September  

Our west coast run was nuts! So much fun! A big thank you to everyone who came out. Up next we are doing a Texas run in September with a bunch of cool bands. Check out the links and posters below. Pick up your tickets ASAP. The Warlocks won't be touring for a long time after so don't miss out! 

Sep 20 White Oak Music Hall Downstairs, Houston TX, The Warlocks, Secret Sands 

Sep 21 Barracuda, Austin TX, Levitation Event With The Warlocks, Psychic Ills, The Well + More 

Sep 22 Three Links, Dallas TX, The Warlocks, Bravo Max 

Sep 23 Psych del Rio, San Antonio TX, The Warlocks, Psychic Ills, Bubble Puppy + 14 more

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